Extreme Operations Need Extreme Buildings

L&H Industrial is the US distributing partner for Extreme Modular Buildings, a unique solution derived from industrial operations in remote locations with a need for a heavy-duty building that could withstand industrial use and harsh environments. It wasn’t long after the patented design offered a quality solution across a variety of industries and applications, today Extreme Modular Buildings and Extreme Fire Stations have delivered purpose-built solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors and unique applications.

Built For Your Unique Operational Needs

These heavy-duty facilities are rugged enough to withstand extreme environments while providing the security and functionality of a robust, industrial sized, site-built building. With solutions across industries, these heavy-duty building applications are a solid option and are designed with features that offer long-term benefits:

Download some of our basic floor plans for a variety of industries including a swat building, fire station, and government office. Completely customized designs can also be developed for your specific operation.

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A Proven Solution

When the community of Sturgis, SD held the world's largest motorcycle rally each year; a flood of nearly 1 million people would pour into the city. With only one dedicated fire station; first responders struggled to respond to emergencies during the event from across the town's congested streets. The city and first responders needed a solution to effectively respond to medical emergencies but didn't have the timeline or budget to build a new station on the other side of town. The solution was an Extreme Modular Building.



Is an Extreme Modular Building or Extreme Fire Station the solution to your next project?

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