Improved technology for the extreme, high-demand world of heavy machines

Driving L&H technology advancements, our Field Services crews keep our Design & Engineering and Manufacturing & Repair teams informed about what really works—or doesn’t—in the field. Then we develop parts that do the job better.

Our greatest innovations, those that stand out as major technology advances for heavy industrial machinery, join the L&H Omega product line.

Omega Trackpad

Adapting L&H products for different makes and models

While we typically develop each L&H product for a particular machine model—our work is, after all, based on real-world challenges—in most cases, our expert engineers can readily adapt a product for other equipment makes and models. We can also design a custom solution for the specific environment in which a machine operates, as we’ve done with our high-floatation undercarriages for a variety of machine styles.

Crowd Gearing

Partnering with our clients to develop better parts, assemblies, machines

We frequently collaborate with our clients to develop Honestly Better components, assemblies, and customizations—even new machines—that address OEM shortfalls or solve challenges they encounter while using specific heavy machines in specific working conditions.

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L&H Product Lines:

Bring us your biggest challenges

Check out the industry-specific products we’ve already developed, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for; our specialty is developing new ways to make the biggest machines perform better.