L&H Undercarriage for Hydraulic Shovels Download Tech Sheet PDF


Engineered for optimal life, L&H Undercarriages for hydraulic shovels, a distributed WearPro® assembly that includes an advanced monitoring system, have been designed to eliminate premature failure of components due to lube and seal issues.


  • Optimized track design. Improved internal structure and materials prevent cracking in the trackpads.
  • Upgraded pins. Increased pin eyes provide more bearing surface and upgraded materials improve strength and longevity.
  • Overpitched drive sprockets. As the shoes wear and stretch apart, overpitch drive sprockets allow for continuous take-up without skipping a tooth.
  • Longer-lasting rollers. 1-piece forged lower rollers last 30% longer than cast rollers and have no welded seams.

Closeup of L&H Undercarriage for Hydraulic Shovels



Idler grease line

A line through the idler end cap and pusher arm connects to an extra injector to deliver grease to the idler.

Lifetime rollers

A greased roller with high-performance bushings specifically designed for greased applications reduces premature failure.

Track pins & bushings

Improved materials reduce friction and wear for longer component life.

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