L&H Omega Undercarriage for Electric Rope Shovels Download Tech Sheet PDF


Proven in the field in mines across the world, the L&H Omega Undercarriage upgrades P&H®/Joy Global® electric rope shovels with a higher- performance, longer-lasting assembly.


  • Extended lifespan. Advanced materials, forged components and design innovations extend shovel undercarriage life by 30% or more, reducing lifetime maintenance, materials waste, and total cost-of-ownership.
  • Less maintenance. Smart modifications—fully guaranteed and 100% OEM compatible—significantly reduce structural wear and maintenance times.
  • Increased safety. Extending maintenance intervals reduces the time your team spends servicing your shovels in the field, reducing safety risks.

L&H Omega Undercarriage for Electric Rope Shovels Closeup

Technical Details

Advanced shoe system with manganese

Advanced shoe system with deep engagement and stable pitch fits deep into drive tines, creating a larger contact area to reduce wear to tumblers. Impact resistance of manganese steel exceeds all other materials, providing abrasion resistance in virtually all work environments. Surface hardened pins reduce the effect of wear on the track pitch, while an up-sized hinge clevis reduces contact loading to maintain the track pitch as well.

Straddle-mount front idler

The L&H idler uses a proven design concept to extend the usual maintenance interval three times the OEM design. The use of an additional bushing located in both bearing blocks reduces the bearing stress by 50% - tripling its lifetime, and the need to split the tracks to replace the bushings has been eliminated as well. This design also improves both the lubrication and lubrication protection equipment.

Deep hardened rollers

Load rollers are deep hardened to prevent wear and future spalling of the surface. By resisting loss to the diameter, the rollers keep the crawler structures up off the shoes for an extended lifetime.

ToughMet bushings

Today's most advanced high-strength, low-friction alloys more than triple the life of these bushings compared to standard manganese-bronze components.