L&H Omega Tie Crane Boom Download Tech Sheet PDF


The L&H Omega Tie-Crane Booms provide value to your maintenance of way equipment through reduced cracking and more than 2X increased life. Historical pitfalls of OEM designs including cracking at the cylinder attachment ears, doubler plates and wear from pivot pins have been eliminated and completely redesigned.


  • Interchangeable. Completely interchangeable with the OEM components, reducing inventory needs.
  • Reduced Stress Concentrations. 300%-50% decreased stress concentration, dependent on machine application.
  • Availability and Reduced Maintenance. Reduced downtime and increased productivity through component availability.
  • Longer Life. The upgraded design has proven to last more than 2X longer than OEM designs; further reducing an operation’s cost in replacement parts and downtime.



Eliminates high stress areas

Relocation of mounting plates that are prone to cracking to the side oft he boom and elongating the design.

Full penetration welds

Virtually eliminating any chance of cracking at the ends of the mounting plates, the weld zones are moved to the sides of the boom and away from high stress areas.

Large radius

Stress in the area of the radius is reduced by 28. The increased radius reduces stress, increases life, and reduces cracking in the component.

Torsion stiffeners

Stiffeners are integrated into the boom design to mitigate premature cracking in the weld when torque is applied.