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L&H Industrial developed and manufactures the first fully automated plate pregauger in the railroad industry. The L&H Omega Pregauger quickly and accurately gauges plates on tangent track or curves, with or without rail clips.


  • High speed. The L&H Omega Automatic Pregauger can align up to 21 plates per minute under normal working conditions.
  • Hands-free operation. Automation frees the operator for other tasks while the machine is working.
  • Safe. The pregauger has emergency stop buttons on all four corners and stop bars on each end, for fast shut-off from any side of the machine.
  • Dual-mode. Choose between fully automatic or manual operation.
  • Bi-directional. The machine, which operates in either direction, can easily change direction or rail with just a few minor adjustments.
  • Easy maintenance. The maintenance access on the machine is easy and user friendly.

Omega Pregauger



High-performance hydraulics

Design for heavy industrial use, the pregauger’s hydraulic systems are fully tested for reliability during extended operation.

Hydraulic oil cooler

Cooling systems allows for high ambient working temperatures.

Wireless controller

Optional wireless controller gives operator greater mobility.

Learn more about L&H Omega products, visit lnh.net/omega