L&H Omega Lift Arms for Loaders Download Tech Sheet PDF


The L&H Omega lift arms include a modified design that increases the overall lifespan of the component by at least 30%. Combining a two piece forged torque tube, increased wrapper plates and larger bucket pins we can modify your existing arms or manufacture a new assembly for your machine.


  • Improved ball cups. This design has improved weld detail between the arms and cups, reducing cracking around ball cup welds. In addition, an extra row of bolts was added to the top and bottom of the cup/cap to prevent bolt failure.
  • Forged torque tube. Increases the quality of the component when compared to a casting.
  • Two piece bell crank ear bushing. The two piece bushing is designed with a top hat; the bushing installs from both sides of the bell crank ear and prevents side to side motion of the bell crank.


Increased wrapper thickness

Reduce cracking to the top and bottom wrapper, wrapper welds and arms. This is accomplished by reducing stress range. Stress range is reduced by increased section modulus from thicker wrappers and moving weld seams to areas where stress is lower.

Two piece forged torque tube

Eliminates welds from spool to cast bell crank ear. The life of the torque tube is increased with the use of forged material and by moving the weld area to a lower stress range.

Larger bucket pin and Toughmet bushings

The bucket pin size was increased, and Toughmet outer bushings are used to prevent cracking, increasing the lifespan.

Learn more about L&H Omega products, visit lnh.net/omega