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Rugged, flexible industrial entrance systems accommodate huge machines in tough environments, high-traffic entrances, personnel, and fit almost any building configuration. They make the operation of facilities for heavy industrial equipment easier, safer, more efficient and more cost effective. Megadoor® systems are suitable applications for mining, mineral processing, shipyards, distribution centers, paint facilities and more.


  • High performance. Durable materials, programmable controllers, and designs engineered for extreme weather and dirty working conditions ensure reliable, long-lasting performance.
  • Exceptionally safe. Fire-resistant materials and automated fail-safes such as contact-triggered arrestors and through-beam monitoring serve to protect workers and equipment.
  • Low maintenance. Streamlined mechanisms and industrial-strength designs intended for high-cycle use keep maintenance time and costs to a minimum.

Steel Roll Up Doors



Megadoor industrial-strength, vertical-lift fabric doors seal against the elements and stand up to heavy use in wash bays, truck shops, loading docks and field operation entrances. These direct-drive, vertical-lift doors operate without springs or counterweights, and the lift-belt system and self-lubricating guide blocks keep maintenance to a minimum.


Fast-moving, sturdy, reliable rubber doors in the Assa Abloy line form an air-tight seal and withstand corrosion, extreme winds, and temperatures from -40° to 176° F (-40° to 80° C). They open/close at speeds up to 12” (0.3 m) per second, have a steel structural frame, and include multiple automated safety features.

Sectional, folding and steel roll-up doors

Choose from assorted styles and configurations of long-lasting industrial doors, for both internal and external openings, that improve energy efficiency, facilitate traffic flow, ensure safe passage, maximize free space, and protect from the elements.

Personnel walk-through doors

Features in an array of easy-to-install, durable personnel doors include sound and temperature insulation, steel-frame or leaf construction, fire- and corrosion-resistant finishes, and advanced security options.