Author: Taytum Griffin

  • Case Study:  L&H Upgrades NASA’s Crawler-Transporter 2 

    A Leap into the Future Through Precision Manufacturing and Installation NASA faced a colossal challenge: to upgrade and retrofit the Crawler-Transporter 2 (CT-2), one of the largest self powered land vehicles ever built. Tasked with carrying the weight of the next generation of modern spacecrafts, the CT-2 needed vital undercarriage upgrades and the stakes were…

  • Case Study: Tramp Release System 

    Revolutionizing Cone Crusher Safety Crushing machinery often encounters risks from unwanted metal objects like drill bits and bolts, which can damage equipment and pose safety threats. Traditional methods like spring clamping aren’t efficient in handling these. To tackle this, L&H Industrial introduced the Tramp Release System. This innovative system replaces traditional springs with a more…

  • Case Study: Main Shaft Repairs 

    Rethinking Main Shaft Repairs for Wind Turbines Main shafts are critical components in the drive-train assembly of wind turbines. The wind industry was long challenged by main shaft repairs, as traditional methods like spray welding couldn’t offer the longevity or bonding strength desired, often leading to early component failures. L&H Industrial, leveraging its deep roots…

  • Case Study: 42-70 Gyratory Crusher Rebuild

    Revitalizing a Legacy Crusher for Increased Throughput An Oklahoma dolomitic limestone quarry, responsible for 3 million tons of throughput yearly, found itself in a bind with a 42-70 gyratory crusher nearing catastrophic failure. This gyratory crusher, vital to all downstream operations, showed repeating signs of wear and fatigue, from oil leaks to wear component failures.…

  • Case Study: Bucketwheel Excavator

    Revitalizing a Giant: Overcoming Challenges in Restoration BNSF Railway was faced with a challenge of reviving a long-dormant, 50-year-old legacy bucketwheel excavator in anticipation of a significant increase in ore supply. The inoperative state of the machine had previously resulted in substantial operational inefficiencies, including a considerable loss of loading capacity, increased downtime due to…

  • Case Study: Segmental Floating Bulkhead

    Revolutionizing Hydro Dam Operations: Fabricating the Segmental Floating Bulkhead In the Pacific Northwest, a top-tier renewable power company faced a daunting challenge: maintaining their hydro dam structures to ensure they operated safely and efficiently. The primary obstacle? The need for an innovative solution for dewatering spillway gates during maintenance. Traditional methods were inefficient and risk…

  • Case Study:  L&H Undercarriages for Electric Rope Shovels 

    The Unrivaled Choice with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership  We know production is paramount, and downtime simply isn’t an option for your electric rope shovel fleets. When we started developing our undercarriages, our focus was on one of the most pressing issues: the frequent need to replace undercarriages due to current designs, leading to increased…