When failure isn’t an option

In an industry where there is zero room for failure and a variance in a critical tolerance can mean the success of a mission, you need a partner you can trust when it’s go-time. L&H Industrial has over 50 years of manufacturing and repair experience to give you that confidence that everything will work the first time. We offer field services, design & engineering, and manufacturing & repair for the world’s biggest industrial solutions.

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Perfectly equipped for your large machining and fabrication needs

Big iron, big technology, big capabilities

Big jobs require big capabilities, even when the deliverable is a small precision part. At L&H, we’ve made sizable investments in technology and equipment at our manufacturing locations to achieve the optimum results and create the innovations you envision. Uniquely suited for large fabrications, testing structures, and large machining needs, there isn’t much we can’t handle – and, we love a challenge.



Proven precision to support NASA’s future missions

When it comes to sending up the next generation of space exploration, “good enough” will not suffice. That’s why NASA trusted L&H to upgrade their crawler transporter to carry loads surpassing 21 million pounds. They knew we could achieve the high expectations of such an important initiative.
In total, the project required the manufacturing of more than 1,300 precision parts, the rebuild of 16 propel gearboxes, and the installation and testing of all pieces on the massive rocket transportation platform at the Kennedy Space Center.
We take pride in being the company NASA trusted for their vital ground support upgrade. L&H was the only company able to execute every piece of this project in-house, checking each box required for this job, and completing this project to the highest quality.

“Working with L&H has been a very positive experience. Everything we’ve seen is very much a can-do type attitude, and the quality of the work has been top-notch. [Of the companies that bid on the project] L&H was the only one that had the ability to or was proposing to do all of the work in-house, in other words all of the manufacturing as well as the installation.”

— Gary French

Mechanical Engineer, NASA – Ames Research Center


Active in the aerospace industry

• Member of AGMA
• HUBZone certified
• Pursuing compliance with DFAR, FAR, and CMMC requirements

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