Tempe Welding Success Story on Recent Rebuilt Crusher Head

We’d like to showcase a recent crusher head that was rebuilt in our Tempe shop. This project was a real success story from a welding perspective. The crusher head arrived in a very damaged state and the head had significant gouges in the mantel, along with significant wear on the skirt, ball seat, and in the bore. The head required a complete rebuild to bring it back to OEM standards. (Photo 1 shows the damage on the mantel.)

The rebuild process required 5,363 pounds of welding wire to be applied to the head. This was achieved by running three guns on the head, when possible. (Photo 2 shows the three guns and setup used in the welding process.)

The head was machined with precision, and then painted and prepared for shipment. (Photo 3 shows the assembled, machined head and Photo 4 shows the finished head ready to be shipped on a customer supplied stand.)


Garrett Goldman & the Tempe Management Team