SKF Conference Wrap Up

Recognized as an innovative, state-of-the-art company focused on solutions, L&H was honored to have been chosen to speak at the Life Cycle Management Conference by Leading Swiss bearing company SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken) earlier this month.

L&H Industrial’s, Darren Witt, Blasthole Drill Product Line Manager was chosen to present as a featured speaker at the conference.

“Our trackpads for the Pit Viper drills were selected as one of the twelve case study solutions to be presented to directors, managers and other leaders in the mining industry.” said Witt.

After being approached by a customer in Chile regarding failing OEM drill undercarriages, L&H teamed up with the mine and researched what was causing the unplanned outages. The OEM designed trackpads were for very aggressive ground engagement, which resulted in extreme side loads while steering the drill. To counter those effects, L&H designed and manufactured a trackpad with less ground engagement that prevented the wear and unplanned downtime the mine was experiencing and was more accommodating for steering and side movement. L&H worked with the mine through this entire process, coming up with the best and most cost effective solution.

The conference was held October 9th and 10th in Park City, UT and brought together experts in the mining industry for learning opportunities and networking. “As a company focused on customer solutions,” said Witt, “We were proud to have been chosen to participate.”

SKF Presentation

Click here for presentation on the L&H trackpads (pdf)