Setting the standard

When L&H designed, engineered, and manufactured the first Omega undercarriage, our goal was to provide our customers with an assembly that would perform better and last significantly longer than industry standards, dramatically decreasing their machine downtime, as well as the total cost of ownership of their system. Now, with undercarriages operating across the globe, L&H has proven that the L&H Omega system lasts 30% longer than industry standard systems, every time.

Our proactive modifications—fully guaranteed and 100% OEM compatible—significantly reduce structural wear and machine downtime, reducing the overall cost of ownership of an L&H Omega undercarriage.

Our approach to undercarriage innovations

We evaluated the most costly and unsafe pitfalls in current industry offerings and redesigned a safer and more robust system. We redesigned key structures and utilized upgraded materials to create a stronger design. We included innovations that distinctly extend maintenance intervals and simplify repairs.

The L&H Omega Undercarriage leaps ahead of any other undercarriage technology in the world. By understanding the nature of different field conditions and knowing the typical patterns of failure and stress, our engineers have developed an undercarriage that exceeds the performance of every other option on the market.

Innovative shoe design

We’ve tested the strength and performance of our shoes from every angle. We upped the proportion of impact-resistant manganese steel in our shoes, decreasing wear rates and extending life. We have also integrated larger deep hardened pins to slow wear and an upsized hinge clevis to reduce contact loading. The Omega shoe has proven time and time again to last beyond any other shoe design in the industry and has maintained an unprecedented 0.001% failure rate, making our shoes the most reliable option available.

Deep engagement system

Our innovative shoe system also features stable pitch and deep engagement design that fits deep into drive tines. This helps to create a larger contact area to reduce wear on the tumblers and extend life. The sophisticated design takes the tumbler from under pitched to stable pitch further adding additional life to the component.

Straddle mount idler upgrades

Our straddle mount design simplifies inspections and maintenance. By moving the bushing to the outer bearing blocks the bearing area is doubled and with the innovative material of ToughMet bushings, bearing life is tripled. Increased torque in propel transmission for CAT machines The L&H Omega propel transmission increases torque by 50-65%, enabling your machine to move through soft ground conditions and withstand the additional weight of larger machine models.

Final drive modification for CAT machines

Our maintenance driven final drive modification has been improved in two distinct ways, first, we eliminated the need to realign the motor. Second, all final drive components can now be removed from the outboard side of the side frame. This modification means you no longer need to remove the transmission and motor to replace the final drive shaft, tumbler or bearings; ultimately saving you up to 50% of downtime.

Improved sideframes for CAT machines

Adding a thicker inboard plate reduces stress and cracking in the original high stress areas, making it easier to access internal components. Additionally, a
thicker top deck, full length skirts and outboard gussets were added to protect lower rollers and pin keepers.

Head to Head Comparison

Impact to operations

The upgraded L&H Omega Undercarriage means greater productivity for shovel fleets. With less downtime, more productivity and the lowest cost of ownership for propel machinery, the omega undercarriage has surpassed customer expectations around the world. Proven to have the longest life; the Omega system has changed the way mines plan their undercarriage maintenance.

The Omega system has been proven from the oil sands of Canada to the Copper mines of Chile and across the world in all other mining conditions. The L&H Omega Undercarriage has raised the bar in the industry by making design improvements that lengthen maintenance intervals and decrease total cost-per-hour.

“L&H works hard to design undercarriages that suit both the environment they will be used in, and the weight of the machine itself. Before deciding upon the materials and geometry that meet these needs, we go through a variety of design tools including analytical calculations, Finite Element Analysis, and casting design. L&H is small enough to be nimble in every circumstance, which means we can make design and manufacturing changes quickly , giving us an edge over our larger competitors.” – Bill Schroyer, Engineering Manager