Professional Values

In an industry where the bottom line can be the last word, L&H believes that not only do safety, quality, and service matter, they’re the foundation for building a successful operation.

We design, manufacture, and service the biggest machines on the earth, so building a part for a machine like a dragline, rope shovel, or NASA’s crawler transporter is a little more difficult than picking up a replacement at the local auto parts store.

Funny thing is, many in the industry today buy the cheapest parts and repairs when they would never consider purchasing an inexpensive machine or bargain-basement part for the sedan, truck, or SUV in their driveway.

It’s no secret that the mining industry is facing some tremendous challenges in an economy that’s testing all of us, but unfortunately, many in the business have decided that the way to prop up the bottom line is to accept the lowest bid for parts and services.

There are areas of any business where cost-cutting can be a wise strategy, but when it comes to mining equipment, stretching your dollar can also mean stretching your luck.

The trend of choosing the cheapest parts and services may have begun in areas where mines felt the money saved was worth the chance they were taking. As the practice expands, the probability for these decisions to affect safety, performance, and costs could skyrocket.

When sub-par parts and services are put into production in the field, the failure rate could very well dwarf what we’ve seen in the past.

Mines that have equipment in reserve to weather the increased downtime as a result of substandard parts and services may not notice the hit they’re taking, but mines that don’t will feel the impact. The sense of victory when you get the lowest price is fleeting, the memory of failures, poor performance, and bad service can last much longer.

L&H opened our doors over 50 years ago, and from day one, we’ve been committed to exceptional quality in what we design, manufacture, and repair. Putting price ahead of safety, quality, and long-term performance has never been the way we work.

Can you get parts, rebuilds, and services at a lower price than what we quote? Probably. However, those lower bids will be missing a line item, one that anyone in this business knows is priceless: Peace of mind.

Every job L&H takes on comes with a rock-solid commitment to delivering industry-leading design and world-class manufacturing, repair, and field services. When you call, we’ll pick up the phone because a lifetime commitment to our customers, and what we build and repair for them, comes standard with every L&H job.

We chose Honestly Better as our slogan because it does more than describe the parts and services we provide, it encapsulates the way we do business. We build better parts and deliver better services because to do anything else doesn’t meet our standards or provide our clients what they deserve and demand.

When you see the big picture, and the long-term path to success, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion we did when we started out. Safety, quality, and service aren’t places to cut corners, they’re the core of what you do.

L&H staff will be hosting multiple in-booth technical sessions at MINExpo 2016, so stop by to see our latest innovations and discover how we can create Honestly Better solutions for your heavy equipment challenges.

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