L&H Omega Snubber Results of Six-Month Trial Period

L&H has utilized its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design the L&H Omega snubber that enhances the shovel dipper. This unique snubber system assists in the opening and closing of the dipper door, making for a smooth operation and has been proven to reduce maintenance costs to the dipper, dipper door and even the haul truck.

Tests have shown drastically reduced cracking in the dipper and dipper door, as the door is assisted closed by the snubber instead of being slammed closed by weight. This results in less damage to the haul truck due to the door not slamming against the side of the bed when opening.


During a six-month trial period, a mine in the Powder River Basin using the L&H Omega snubbers reported that not a single weld was needed on the dipper door during the six-month time frame. Normally, the customer was welding on the dipper door at every scheduled PM.

Because the Omega snubber would not allow the door to slam shut, when they shimmed the latch lever correctly, it stayed in place and wore evenly, creating longer life on the latch lever. This process also reduced the need to shim the door as much, as the door was slamming less. L&H Industrial currently offers their L&H Omega snubbers to fit 27-59 yard dippers. The company will soon offer larger capacity snubbers.

For more information about the L&H Omega snubber or the results of the six-month test trial, contact: Philip Mooren at pmooren@lnh.net or (307) 682-7238.