New brand signals L&H Industrial’s 50-year history and growth as a global innovator in mining and heavy industrial manufacturing

The Gillette, WY manufacturer stays true to its core values while enhancing its logo


Gillette, WY, (March 10, 2015) – L&H Industrial, Gillette, WY, has a strong reputation in the mining industry as a company that stands for safety, quality, service and innovation. In a process that has taken over a year, the company will be rolling out its new logo, tagline and design on March 31, 2015, to better reflect how the company has grown.

“After 50 years of enhancing mining equipment and heavy machinery, we’ve broadened the base of our operations and the new branding will show how we’ve grown and how we’ll continue to provide the most innovative solutions to our customers – in product, service and technology,” said Jeff Wandler, VP & Director of Sales and Marketing, L&H Industrial.

While still true to its mining roots, L&H continues to make strides forward by expanding into other industries. This is evident in the successful recent completion of a contract with NASA for the Crawler-Transporter 2 (CT-2).

This 6.5 million pound transporter will carry a mobile launcher platform and a Space Launch System for a whopping 21.2 million pound vehicle to the launch pad in Cape Canaveral, FL.

In another example of the expansive capacity of the company, L&H recently rebuilt a taconite bucket wheel loader for Burlington Northern Santa Fe on Lake Superior, WI.

“This was a complex project that required the complete re-engineering and design of enhanced components of a bucket wheel loader used in the rail industry,” said Mike Wandler, President, L&H Industrial.

After five decades of providing innovative solutions, L&H Industrial has grown from a six-man operation to a worldwide organization with a presence on five continents. Still family-run, L&H holds to its original core values.

“Working nonstop to make the biggest, hardest-working machines on earth even better, L&H has provided the design, manufacturing, rebuilding and gear grinding services that keep the top mining, rail and heavy equipment companies moving forward. This really shows the versatility and expertise of our engineering, facilities, equipment and our people,” said Mike Wandler.

L&H will launch its new brand at the end of this month.

“Our fundamental values of integrity, honesty and doing what’s right for the customer will never change,” continued Jeff Wandler, “but the way we present our brand in the marketplace has been updated to better highlight our advanced engineering, technology and manufacturing solutions in the mining industry and beyond. It’s a big change too, and something the L&H Ownership Team is very proud of as we believe it will be with us for many years to come.”