National Manufacturing Day

Educating the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals

The manufacturing industry is ever changing. What began as a manually intense man-made products business has evolved into a machine-driven production industry that emerged from the mills and factories of the nineteenth century’s industrial revolution. Manufacturing has continued to grow and advance, guided forward by the needs of industry and the demands of society. Today’s manufacturing industry utilizes the world’s most advanced technologies and precision machines operated by skilled tradesmen.

As the manufacturing industry continually changes, L&H Industrial is transforming our manufacturing processes and developing signature innovations in machining, welding, metallurgical, and engineering disciplines. We’re also dedicated to cultivating and training the next generation of forward-thinking manufacturing professionals to meet the needs of an expanding industrial landscape.


A Young Tradesmen Gaining On-The-Job Experience

L&H actively engages with technical college, student internship, and high school shadowing programs so that we can inspire the minds of young men and women who might be interested in manufacturing careers. Kelby Liggett, a recent summer intern in L&H’s hydraulic shop, is now a part-time employee receiving hands-on experience at our Sheridan, Wyoming manufacturing facility.

As a second-year student enrolled in a diesel mechanics program at the local technical college, Kelby applied for the L&H internship based on his interest in hydraulics. Liggett commented that, “I have always enjoyed working in the shop environment and working on large equipment has always caught my attention. Some of the projects I have been involved with at L&H are the pregauger for the railroad industry and I have also helped tear down other miscellaneous parts during project rebuilds.”

Explaining what most excited him about the L&H internship program, Liggett said, “I really enjoy the cool equipment we work on at L&H and the fact that it is a large company with family values. Servicing the equipment that runs America sparks my interest and is impressive to me.” The real-world experience Liggett is gaining at L&H has measurably increased his understanding of hydraulics and confirmed that a physical learning environment is different than reading about a concept in a book or working with a simulator.

Liggett has greatly expanded his knowledge in his time with L&H, and has developed a trusted network of experts who are there to assist him when he’s faced with a new question or unique situation. “My biggest challenge at L&H is learning the best way to do a specific job in a timely manner while also being safe. The guys in the shop help me with the tricks of the trade, but continuing to troubleshoot some of my own problems on projects can be tough, however I know with time I can do it!” Liggett would like to train to become a skilled shop and field mechanic after he finishes school and looks forward to building a manufacturing career at L&H.

Continuing to Advance the Manufacturing Industry

Alongside our peer manufacturing companies, L&H is honored to be an integral piece of an established industry that has so thoroughly influenced the modern world, and we are proud to honor National Manufacturing Day. Our people are the foundation of our 50-year history as a world-leading manufacturing company for the world’s mining, oil and gas, railroad, and other heavy industries. We look forward to a future of building the world’s largest machines for a demanding industry’s most challenging jobs.”