NASA Project Continues to Receive News Coverage

Wyoming company builds for NASA

Posted: Feb 02, 2014 6:50 PM MST

“This is the first government project we’ve ever done. It’s the biggest project we’ve ever done,” said L&H Industrial welding shop manager Jason Percifield.

L&H Industrial in Gillette is building and assembling more than 1,300 parts for a NASA Crawler Transporter. The Crawler is the largest land transport vehicle on earth and carries rockets and space shuttles from assembly to launch pads.


“It’s half done. All the parts have been manufactured. All the parts are on–site at the Kennedy Space Center. Half of them have been put in and the other half we’ll start in March,” said Percifield.

The contract was awarded by Qinetiq, a defense technology company, on behalf of NASA.

“We were responsible for manufacturing all the undercarriage parts for it and then removing all the old stuff, re–machining everything and putting all of our new parts in it,”Percifield.

An L&H team has spent time in Florida for on–site work, but employees at the Gillette headquarters are just as excited about the high profile project.

“It’s a pretty big achievement I feel. You know, we’ve never had a project this large,” said machine shop supervisor Adam Konrad.

And the community’s shown workers how proud they are of landing the big contract.

“If they see our coats on in town or whatnot they sometimes will stop and ask, so it’s pretty cool,” said Konrad.

The process was a long one for securing and completing the company’s largest project ever.

“We started bidding it in January of 2012 and we’re looking for a June of 2014 completion,” said Percifield.

L&H Industrial was awarded the contract back in October of 2012.