MINExpo 2016 | The Mining Mecca

img_4669_edited_smallAfter four years and an ever changing industry, the International MINExpo was here again. Companies from around the world would convene for the world’s largest mining exposition to learn about new technologies to keep their operations more efficient with increased safety and productivity. From technical sessions with industry experts, to live demonstrations and simulations, MINExpo is the information, innovation and networking hub for mining industry professionals.

Re-positioned and re-branded

With a recent re-brand, new product lines and ground-breaking product developments, L&H Industrial was excited to introduce themselves as a bold, forward looking company that delivers solutions in the shop, in the field and around the world. Representing a 50 year legacy of custom solutions and strong customer relationships, the L&H brand has evolved, transformed and transcended its humble beginnings. Still, today the L&H brand is grounded in integrity, driven by quality and inspired by innovation; with a fresh face on a strong standing name in the industry, L&H looked forward to unveiling the their latest product solutions and new look.

Innovation on full display

MINExpo 2016

Focused on new solutions and innovative designs, L&H Industrial highlighted a full display of new products to the industry. Derived from their focus to make things Honestly Better, L&H continually works with customers side by side to design stronger, longer lasting and more efficient solutions for the hardest working machines on earth.

This year L&H introduced a new straddle mount front
idler design for shovels that reduces bearing stress by 50% with the use of an additional bushing located in the bearing blocks and additionally eliminating the need to split the tracks when replacing the bushings. Additionally, a new hydraulic gear box design for loaders with thru-shaft technology and an improved spline maintains a wet design with a new innovative rotary seal. Plus the engineered trackpads for blasthole drills which alleviate the inherent “dozer” design shortfalls including reduced steering load and contact force were on display for customers to see the design differences and ask questions from the L&H sales team.

Bringing L&H to the customers

One of the goals for the 2016 MINExpo was to bring L&H’s facilities and capabilities to the customers. Fully emerging customers into L&H’s brand, global reach, and scope of work was a key feature in the booth design.

Kacey Perez, Marketing Project Coordinator explained, “During the planning and design process of our booth, the main goal was to bring L&H to our customers and visitors so that they could experience first-hand the brand of the company, the honest and knowledgeable L&H staff, and our quality products. In order to bring our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities into the booth, our marketing team created an immersive and dynamic video that was on display in the booth to bring a piece of our facilities to the visitors and to showcase our incredible capabilities and why L&H is a company customers should want to partner with.”

All the planning, preparation and presentation for the 2016 MINExpo was a success for the show’s audience; drawing in excess of 40,000 attendees, over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 130 countries represented. L&H sales teams met with representatives from over 20 mining companies as well as partners, vendors and peers from the industry.

Jeff Wandler, Corporate Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing concluded about the show, “ We greatly appreciate all of the customers that visited L&H Industrial at the show; we feel the industry is doing better than what is often portrayed and is a strong and viable industry for the global economy. We enjoy working in this and we look forward to a long future serving our customers.”

L&H Industrial looks forward to the next MINExpo in 2020, and plans to bring an even more engaging experience for customers with new products and solutions for more machines in a mine’s fleet.