MINExpo 2016



Industry exhibitions and trades shows are a place for industry professionals to network, learn about market forecasts and interact with new products in the industry. Recently concluding the 2016 MINExpo International which represented over 130 countries, more than 2,000 exhibitors and over 40,000 attendees; you can imagine the size of an event on this scale. But have you ever considered the event that happens before the show? The planning and preparation of the world’s largest mining exhibition in the world is an extreme undertaking in itself before the show even begins.

Planning, preparation and presentation

Before the 2016 MINExpo International even began, months of planning, strategy, design, video production, parts manufacturing, exhibit construction and logistics take place in a show of its own. L&H Industrial began planning our presence at this year’s MINExpo back in 2014 with the purchase of our booth space followed by brainstorming the experience we wanted to create for our customers when they visited the L&H booth. Marketing Project Coordinator Kacey Perez explained,

“During the planning and design process of our booth, the main goal was to bring L&H to our customers and visitors so that they could experience first-hand the brand of the company, the honest and knowledgeable L&H staff, and our quality products. In order to bring our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities into the booth, our marketing team created an immersive and dynamic video that was on display in the booth to bring a piece of our facilities to the visitors and to showcase our incredible capabilities and why L&H is a company customers should want to partner with.”

With a plan in place, employees from purchasing, engineering, marketing and all production shops began working together to design and build many of the pieces and components that would be displayed at the show. Additionally, vendors helped pull many things together as well from raw materials for parts to the exhibit resources; over a year of active development and design took place before everything was ready for the main event.


Once the parts, exhibit structure and the L&H team arrived on site, a week of construction, assembly, testing, cleaning and more would take place before the booth was ready for the show. When the doors of MINExpo 2016 opened on September 26th, L&H sales staff from around the world were ready to meet with customers, share information about our new products and solutions. All the planning and preparation paid off with a successful show and you can watch a time-lapse video of the L&H booth from construction through the event below.