Living, working and supporting the Gillette community: North by North East

L&H Industrial places importance on giving back to the communities that support them. As L&H President Mike Wandler says in this interview from North by North East (NXNE), “It’s not really about getting credit for those things, it’s about doing the right thing.” 

The company supports multiple charities in the region, from Hospice to the Yes House, and works to stay involved in the community through sports, schools, and supporting local businesses. L&H also attends high school classes and visits technical colleges to talk about the manufacturing industry in order to raise awareness and draw interest into manufacturing, engineering and business careers.

When asked why they stay in Gillette, WY the brothers have a simple answer: it’s home. Jeff Wandler, V.P. & Director of Sales & Marketing quotes his dad, saying: Gillette has always been good to me and never has given me a reason to leave.

As for the future of L&H, the brothers say they count their blessings and that they intend to keep the business in the family. The brothers have nurtured the third generation, as two of their nephews are part of the L&H ownership team and they look forward to what the next 50 years will bring to the company.