A step ahead: L&H launches tech sheets to showcase Omega enhanced products

At L&H, we have always focused on innovation.

It runs deep in our 50+ year history of providing solutions to our customers in the mining, rail and heavy machinery industries. We are excited to announce the launch our technical data sheets online for our customers. Our technical data sheets highlight a variety of our Omega enhanced products proven to outlast original equipment parts and assemblies.

How Omega Products Deliver Value to Operations

Tech SheetL&H Omega products stand out as major advances for heavy industrial machinery, leaping ahead of industry-standard technology. It’s the close collaboration of our field service experts with our design & engineering and manufacturing & repair teams that makes L&H Omega innovations possible. By seeing from the field the big picture of machine safety, field conditions, wear points, handling, efficiency, configurations, materials, repairs, and maintenance over the full machine lifecycle, we’re able to make technology advances along multiple vectors that net big performance gains for big machines.

What that means for our customers is not only better performance but also efficient maintenance and lower operational costs over the lifetime of your large-scale industrial machines.

In our continued commitment to providing our customers easy access to L&H product literature, customers can now access technical information on a range of L&H Omega products on our website and more will be added.

Available Omega Tech Sheets include:

We love a challenge and partnering with our customers on innovations for the world’s hardest working heavy industrial machines. So if you’re wondering about the feasibility of a major machine improvement—or even developing a new kind of machine—please contact us.