L&H Industrial Presents at 2015 Haulage and Loading Conference

L&H was honored to present at the 2015 Haulage and Loading Conference in Phoenix, AZ on May 18, 2015. During the session, “Modifications Improve Electric Shovel Operations”, Jeff Wandler, Corporate Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing, L&H Industrial, and Philip Mooren, Product Line Director, L&H Industrial will explain how shovel renovation projects can provide an opportunity to not only return a unit to service quickly, but to also make improvements that might prevent similar future problems, improve safety and push productivity.

Annually L&H rebuilds and repairs six to 10 shovels on average. Noting areas of high wear and failure, Jeff and Phillip will share how L&H Industrial has developed new systems to improve the revolving frame, swing system, undercarriage and boom as well as incorporating new materials to improve service life.

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