L&H advances gearbox assembly and testing

Investing in facilities and equipment is important to L&H Industrial; advancing our technology and improving our processes makes us better and delivers quality product to our customers. That is why we decided to integrate a gearbox assembly and testing room with a controlled and contained environment; the new “clean room” improves our assembly and testing process and increases our quality control standards. With increased control over atmospheric variables, our customers can be assured L&H gearboxes are verified with complete and comprehensive quality controls in place to deliver what we promise, “honestly better”… each and every time a product leaves our shop.

A controlled environment

“Our new clean room allows us to assemble and test gearboxes and other components in a controlled environment ensuring quality control throughout the process and complete separation from other bays and possible contaminates.” Explained Jason Percifield, General Manager.

With transparent walls surrounding the bay allowing for the ability to see through the remainder of the facility, while also keeping the area free of dust and debris; the new assembly and testing room will be an improvement to the mechanics facility and the company’s assembly process.

The existing bay has been completely cleaned, painted and sealed; further ensuring the environment is controlled and free of any airborne particulates. Additional vinyl strip doors were incorporated into the design for entry and exit into the bay adding another level of control when entering the clean room. Additionally the 14 foot lexan wall allows for a natural light environment while also creating a barrier from other shop environments.

Product Line Manager for Power Generation Jason Eddy, added “The ISO cleanliness standards for gearbox oil in industrial gearboxes have increased in recent years.  The clean room or segregated rebuild area should compliment our gearbox test and flush system well and give our customers more confidence that we will meet or exceed rebuilt gearbox cleanliness standards.”

As the new bay nears completion, the company is eager to utilize the new area for assembly and testing. Percifield concluded,

“This is a great step in process improvement and quality control for our products and an added value for our customers in guaranteeing quality parts that meet high standards.”