L&H Industrial Develops Cutting-Edge Gear Grinding Techniques

L&H Industrial Develops Cutting-Edge Gear Grinding Techniques

As seen in the March 2015 issue of Modern Machine Shop, a revolutionary new method of gear grinding is being perfected at L&H Industrial’s Tempe, AZ, facility. In an attempt to eliminate steps and to simplify the gear grinding process, L&H took on the job of grinding gears straight from blanks.

The new grinding process has been increasingly successful with over a dozen gears of all sizes being produced. Utilizing the latest abrasive technologies, the grinding process achieves a high-polish gear quality rating AGMA 14 or higher.

By grinding gears straight from blanks, several steps, such as hobbing and shaping, can be eliminated, saving time and money and increasing efficiency. Gears, some as small as 12 inch pinions or as large as 200 inches in diameter, can be processed in the same way using the Höfler Rapid 6000 6-meter CNC profile grinder.

The Höfler grinder, a German-made, heavy duty machine, was purchased by L&H for the Tempe facility to handle the huge gears often involved in mining operations, some as large as 20 feet in diameter. After installing the Höfler grinder, the L&H engineers began experimenting with grinding gear teeth straight from blanks without overworking the machine, and they experienced immediate success.

The L&H engineers continue to fine-tune the process in the Tempe, AZ, facility, including establishing the tempering procedures that are specific to each job. Carburizing or induction hardening are among the choices for each tempering process, according to the materials and the desired outcome. The gear is then returned to the grinder for finishing, saving a step from the old procedure.

With over 50 years of experience in the mining machinery repair industry, L&H takes on projects large and small. Repairing, gear grinding, welding, machining, heavy manufacturing and more are services offered in the Tempe, AZ, facility. Staff engineers are available to design and reconfigure both new and repaired parts of all sizes. Leading the industry, L&H continues to look for better ways to provide the highest quality services and innovation to the industry.

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Grinding Big Gears from Blanks