Celebrating Safety Milestone

L&H Industrial Celebrates Safety

L&H Industrial is committed to the philosophy that there is no job so important that it cannot be done safely. Because of our business, potential for serious injury is always present. Our trained and qualified personnel must perform their tasks in the safest possible manner for L&H to maintain the level of safety that we have achieved. The employees at L&H continue to establish safety milestones.

As a recap, the entire Gillette operations completed 1 year without a lost time injury in June 2010, the Tempe operation achieved one year in August 2010 and as of March 13, 2011, the Sheridan facility also recorded one year with no LTA’s.  This achievement puts L&H over one year with no lost time accidents for all of the US operations.  Along with the zero LTA’s, L&H continuously maintains a recordable injury rate below the national average for our industrial classification.
Safety records like this do not come without effort and safety is considered to be an integral part of all jobs.   Along with supervisor accountability for their crews, each employee is held accountable for their actions as safety holds an equal share of their performance appraisal along with production and quality.  As well as holding supervisors and employees accountable for safety, L&H utilizes programs, safety teams and training to strengthen our safety culture.   On all jobs, pre-job safety assessments are completed to identify and correct all hazards before commencing work.  Incidents and near misses, as well as accidents are investigated and reviewed by supervisors and managers.  A monthly review of these incidents, accidents and near misses is held by all managers including the Board of Directors, where recommendations for correction are made.

L&H Management and employees are very proud of our safety accomplishments and the culture we have developed, however we realize we must continuously maintain our high level of awareness and commitment in order for L&H Industrial to continue to be a safe place to work.