Discover the undercarriage that has changed the industry at EXPONOR 2017

The Omega undercarriage was designed to deliver, and it has

With over 100 systems running around the world the Omega undercarriage has changed the standard in maintenance intervals and cost per hour. Outlasting Final Drive ModificationOEM designs by more than 30% longer life, the Omega undercarriage is field proven from the copper mines of Chile to the oil sands of Canada. No matter your machine type, no matter the terrain, the Omega undercarriage is the strongest and most advanced design the industry has seen.

Visit with our global sales staff and design engineers about L&H products for your entire equipment fleet in booth 230. Our new Omega final drive modification for undercarriages will be on display featuring the assembly upgrades.

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EXPONOR maintenance session featuring the Omega undercarriage

Omega Undercarriage

Attend our technical session and learn about the Omega undercarriage

“Increasing Safety and Production while Decreasing Costs | The Omega Undercarriage System”

by Jose Vargas, Engineering Manager 

Tuesday May 16th | Oro Pavillion | 11:00am | Room #3

Our expert engineering group will present our system’s innovative design upgrades and specific solutions we have engineered to help our customers increase production, efficiency and safety while decreasing costs and down time.

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Learn about our Honestly Better design for undercarriage systems from one of our industry experts. With over 50 years of maintaining heavy mining equipment, L&H has worked side by side with our customers to develop a proven solution that lasts 30% longer than the OEM assemblies.