L&H Omega Dragline Bucket


L&H Industrial Announces L&H Omega Dragline Bucket

L&H Industrial has just completed manufacturing and testing of it’s premiere L&H Omega iFill-2 dragline bucket. The bucket was developed and built by the L&H Industrial Australia engineering and design team led by Marty Simpson. It features a low profile, high capacity and easy lift.

“With our new L&H Omega bucket we’ve ticked all the boxes with handling and filling,” said Simpson who brings more than 2 decades of experience in dragline bucket design to the project.

The bucket was tested successfully at Curragh Mine in Queensland during mid-July 2011. According to Simpson the reviews from bucket operators were outstanding. “We heard over and over how the bucket fills fast, dumps clean and was easy to maneuver.”

For information on the L&H Omega iFill2 dragline bucket contact our Australia offices at 011 (61) 7-4952-5855 or contact Marty directly at msimpson@lnh.net