Day in the Life – Mike Wandler, President

Mike Wandler, Machine Shop

Assembling a world class team of people that serve the customers better than the competition in facilities capable of redesigning, remanufacture and building new heavy industrial parts is the goal of company president, Mike Wandler.  His passion for the company started at age 14 when he started working alongside his dad and continues to grow as he helped lead the company to five locations with more than 300 employees. Starting as a laborer in the shop, Mike has worked his way up in the company maintaining positions across multiple functions within L&H, giving him a solid understanding of the entire organization to lead the future of the company.

Mike strongly believes,

“If you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life.”

He loves working with both customers and employees to solve problems and resolve issues. Mike wants all employees to love what they do at L&H and feel like an important part of the team; he and his partners have worked hard to build a culture around honesty, integrity, respect and teamwork.

Family Culture

Not only is family leadership very important to L&H but having a family culture for all employees is valued. “One of the things I enjoy most about my job is L&H people who trust each other and work as a team, the rare person that’s not only a great team members but part of the L&H family will be with you even through the toughest of jobs and times.” The employees’ attitude to take care of customers better than the competition and make better products is something that makes Mike proud to lead the company.

Mike Wandler, President

Fearless Leader

Starting off as a machinist and working his way up through the company has taught Mike how to lead the company through understanding all the moving parts. He and the ownership team have changed the culture of L&H to one that increases job satisfaction and ensures safety and quality for both employees and customers. The focus on quality and leading a quality driven organization is valued, Mike strives to deliver customer service and products that exceed customer’s expectations. “We don’t have to be perfect, simply better than the competition” According to Mike, being a good leader is all about supporting employees and letting them do what they are great at and enjoy doing. Leading is a learning process; one that Mike has dedicated his life to

“It takes a lifetime to become a great leader.”

Adding value to the company and leading employees to the best of his abilities is one the many things that make Mike a great leader.