Day in the Life – Jordan Rhodine

They say on the job experience is the best form of education; well that was exactly the case for a young engineer at L&H Industrial when he was hired and put to work on his first project.

In 2013 when Jordan Rhodine was hired at L&H industrial he was a recent college graduate and ready to move into his career as a mechanical engineer. Rhodine had interned with L&H industrial during previous summers of his sophomore and junior years in college, and explained he really enjoyed the big machines and equipment L&H worked with so when they offered him a job after graduation he was eager to work on designing parts and assemblies for some of the biggest equipment on earth.

In the early years of Rhodine’s college career he thought he would study electrical engineering as his grandpa had been an electrical engineering professor;

“I enjoyed math and science and tinkering to solve problems, but realized electrical engineering wasn’t for me and I was more interested in big machines and cool pieces of equipment so I decided to study mechanical engineering “, explained Rhodine.

His passion for big equipment was realized when he was given his first big project at L&H; reverse engineering and redesigning structures of a massive bucket wheel machine used to load taconite for a railroad company.

This gigantic project took a year of engineering and an additional 3 months to create install procedures and a machine maintenance manual. Throughout this undertaking, Rhodine learned the importance of taking advantage of your resources to help you learn. Surrounded by a group of engineers, Rhodine said he built good relationships with his team and learned from some of the best. The engineering department wasn’t his only team, Rhodine worked closely with welders, machinists, quality personnel and the company’s field service department; all collaborating and offering insight and experience. Rhodine explained, “It was a team effort and having others to offer knowledge and experience helped me design the machine to be better than the original piece of equipment”.

When Rhodine looks back on this project, he describes how grateful he was for the experience and chance to take on such an amazing assignment for L&H.

“The trust that was put into my ability as new engineer and the support of my team members was awesome. Watching the machine grow from concept to real world manufacturing and ultimately see the machine loading material was incredible to be a part of”.


Now that the bucket wheel project has finished, Jordan continues to design innovative products and assemblies for L&H Industrial. Creating manufacturing drawings, running simulations, performing hand calculations, and working with his teammates is a typical day. With a few years experience and some new projects under his belt, we asked Jordan what advice he would give to other young engineers entering into their career. Jordan explained, “Take advantage of your resources, feel comfortable asking questions and for help when you need it, and build good relationships with your team members”. As Jordan looks to the future of his engineering career he wants to continue to be a part of new and innovative projects similar to the bucket wheel, where he can take his ideas to the field and watch them come to fruition. Jordan concluded with,

“It’s rewarding and exciting to be a part of these cool projects, and I look forward to the next one”.