A Look Into Our Safety Culture

A commitment to safety everyday

Fifty years ago, L&H Industrial was a local job shop serving the oil fields of Wyoming when the rough, tough, “get ‘er done” culture was common at L&H and across the industry.

Times have certainly changed. Today, a tour of L&H starts with a safety briefing to address all possible hazards, every job begins with a thorough risk assessment, all meetings open with a safety share, safety statistics are closely trended, and comprehensive action plans are designed to mitigate injuries. Extensive safety signage throughout our facilities reminds our employees and visitors of the importance of workplace safety, and L&H hosts barbecues to celebrate safety milestones to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high safety standards.

Cultivating a culture of safety

Field Service Lift System

The L&H field service team recently hit a safety milestone of eight years without an LTI.

What has shaped the L&H culture of safety into what it is now? Why has the company invested significant time and effort into making safety our number one job? The answer is simple: L&H cares about our employees and our customers. We are dedicated to providing the most innovative and highest quality parts to the
market, and we are determined to do so in the safest way possible. We want each of our employees to go home at the end of every shift, and return the next work day with the confidence and certain belief that L&H is focused on their safety.

Reaching such recent milestones as eight consecutive years without an LTA in our field service division exemplifies these efforts. L&H has committed to safety not only in the field, but across the company to keep all operations and our people safe. According to Marley Ziegler, L&H Industrial Field Service Manager,

“We take safety seriously at L&H Industrial, it’s just second nature to all of us and has become a fundamental piece of our culture.”

Ziegler and his team tackle some of L&H’s most demanding work in mines across the country while utilizing the world’s largest heavy-industrial machines.

Why safety matters

Field Service at Bucket Wheel

The L&H field service team assembling the new L&H bucket wheel at a taconite facility in Minnesota.

A company is defined by its employees. L&H has grown from a local company to a world leader in the field as a result of the talent, commitment, and innovative spirit of generations of employees around the globe. Our dedication to being at the forefront of groundbreaking technological advancement and industry-leading customer service is mirrored by our commitment to create a safe workplace for those who are building our company and those who will define our future. For L&H, safety is our number one job and it is a responsibility we honor each and every day.