Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Innovation for Draglines Eases Maintenance

Removing and installing large components from mining machinery takes time and can create safety hazards. Draglines, specifically, are full of massive transmissions, drums, gearing and other components that have to be removed from the machine for rebuilds or replacements. Removing these components is typically done by opening large, heavy, mechanical doors on the machine that… Read more »

Build it Better | 495 Handle Upgrades

L&H Industrial has repaired, rebuilt and manufactured mining parts for over 50 years. Understanding how parts break and what makes them fail is what we know best, and improving them is our specialty. The 495 handle upgrades The OEM handle design for 495 shovels is a recent example where L&H felt improvements could be made… Read more »

Gearbox Rebuilds for the Next Generation of Space Exploration

The world’s largest moving land vehicle needed an upgrade, NASA’s crawler transporter at the Kennedy Space Center was a 60 year old machine originally designed by Marion Power Shovel. Beginning with the lower roller assemblies in 2013, L&H manufactured and installed over 1300 parts in order to increase the payload of the giant shuttle transporter…. Read more »

L&H Rebuilds and Upgrades Gearboxes for Power Plant

Keeping the Power Plant Producing Power plants are a major foundation for providing energy to the world, so it is important to those facilities that production is efficient. Maintenance of components and systems in power plants must be completed regularly to ensure maximum production and to reduce downtime. A rebuild solution For one coal-fired power… Read more »