Advanced L&H technology for electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators

From the mining industry’s most sophisticated undercarriages to machine modifications that drastically reduce maintenance times to metallurgy that extends component life, L&H technology improves electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators from the ground up.

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Field-proven to last 30% longer than OEM assemblies, L&H Omega Undercarriages for electric rope shovels are used fleet-wide in
many major mining operations.

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Improve the performance of your mining machines

Learn more about L&H components and assemblies—including our industry-leading
L&H Omega products—as well as our state-of-the-art services for mining shovels and hydraulic excavators.

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Brands served

  • Cat ® / Bucyrus ®
  • Hitachi ®
  • Komatsu ®
  • Liebherr ®
  • P&H ®
  • Custom machines
  • Vintage machines

Select L&H shovel and hydraulic excavator components and assemblies

100% of our L&H premium components for electric rope shovels and hydraulic excavators meet or—more often—exceed OEM standards for performance, quality and safety.


Propel system

  • Crawler assembly
  • Final drive
  • Transmission

Swing system

  • Roller circle
  • Transmission
  • Center pin
  • Shafting

Hoist system

  • Transmission
  • Hoist drums
  • Boom point assembly

Crowd system

  • Dipper stick/handle
  • Transmission
  • Shipper shaft
  • Saddle block

Attachments & structures

  • Car body
  • Gantry
  • Boom
  • Revolving frame
  • Cylinders


  • Hydraulic snubbers
  • Friction discs
  • Pins and bushings


Principal components

  • Undercarriages
  • Cylinders
  • Buckets
  • Bucket pins & bushings

Technical Data Sheets