Safety & Quality

What Makes L&H Industrial Different?
Safety & Quality


L&H Industrial considers safety to be the most important component of our success.

L&H SafetyKeeping our employees safe is our first priority. Our mission is zero Lost Time Accidents (LTA’s) and we’ve achieved this goal for one full year as of March 13, 2011 for all US operations.

L&H Industrial has chosen the DuPontTM STOPTM Program (Safety Training Observation Program) as it mirrors our philospohy that safety is everyone’s responsibility. The program is designed to prevent injuries by increasing safety awareness and helping people talk with each other about safety, both on the job, and at home.

Extensive training is provided for new employees specific to their duties. In addition, annual safety trainings are held for all employees to keep their knowledge fresh and at the forefront.

L&H consistently abides by all OSHA and MSHA standards and welcomes visits from these
regulatory agencies to see our safety practices in action. Our open door policy has resulted in minimal citations and an excellent working relationship.

We are responsible for the safety of our employees no matter where they’re working. L&H
Industrial makes field service safety a priority with frequent trainings and peer monitoring.  Our on-site service business relies on our safety record - we don’t take that lightly.

Many companies tout their safety records. L&H Industrial lives by ours. The culture of safety that we’ve been fostering for more than 45 years is thriving and its success becomes our success.


Quality Delivered on Time

Our quality process includes the use of an ERP scheduling system.  This system analyzes material, equipment, and the availability of manpower to develop the most efficient work plan L&H Quality
possible.  The work plan takes into account the one factor that you care about most; the desired shipping date.  Providing you with on-time deliveries so you can stay productive is our priority. The ERP system gives our dedicated Scheduling Manager as well as our knowledgeable Job
Coordinators, instant visibility of open capacity, potential scheduling conflicts or problems, and allows us to keep you informed of our progress.

Working together, we provide work plans that provide specifications that match your
requirements, maintain equipment, tooling and devices, ensure quality products from our
suppliers, provide training to our employees, research and develop solutions for our customers and make continual improvements to our products and organization.

Product quality is monitored through inspections at each step and non-conformances are
documented and root-caused so corrective actions can be implemented to prevent recurrence.

Though we strive for zero warranty claims, we pride ourselves in being the best in the industry at responding to our customer’s concerns regarding our products and services. Our expert team of engineers and technicians work directly with you and our sales team to develop top quality products, provide product enhancements, and research product problems.

When it comes to quality, customer satisfaction is our goal.