Safety & Quality



At L&H Industrial, safety is our first priority. Keeping everyone safe on the job so all of our employees can home at the end of the day without injury is what matters most to all of us here at L&H. Taking care of our employees has been part of our values from the beginning, and extending our safety practices to our customers is important when working on their site. We are proud to have been awarded numerous safety awards each year for our hard work and dedication to safety practices.



L&H Industrial’s new behavior based safety program has been designed specifically by the company’s safety director, Tyler McLaughlin, which is customized to fit the distinctive culture of the company. “Taking the High Road to Safety”, incorporates three aspects including self-observations, interactions and audits.

1) The first aspect of the program, self-observation, includes the simple steps of stop and look over the job, look, listen and assess hazards, assess the consequence and finally plan to remove the hazard.

2) Secondly, interactions are performed by managers and supervisors; an interaction is simply talking to an employee about health, safety, environmental, DOT and unsafe vs. safe acts and conditions. When employees, managers and supervisors interact on a regular basis, safety is always thought about first and is the foundation of what we do every day.

3) The third and final aspect of the program includes safety audits. Shop and field audits are performed using iAuditor, a software program ran from iPads, which is used to identify violations related to L&H Health and Safety Standards as well as OSHA, DOT and MSHA regulations. Photos and notes of the violation can be taken on site and automatically updated to the iAuditor software so the issues can be fixed.

L&H Industrial is committed to safety, keeping everyone safe in our shops and facilities and in the field with our customers.

“No matter where our employees may be working, this program helps them to take the high to safety, making safe decisions and actions in all that they do.” Tyler McLaughlin, L&H Industrial Health and Safety Director